DIY金属模型 - Ship Series

  • RM60.00 MYR

温馨提示:本产品均是金属片,需要亲手制作、拼装才可以成图片上的成品。Include instruction manual.  


Product comes in loose small parts, it needs to be bonded and assembled to looks like the end product in the photos.

  • A great pastime activities to get away from the busy lifestyle.
  • Include instruction manual, showing step by step construction process.
  • Cultivate creativity and imagination, train patience, circumspection and produce sense of achievement! 
  • Material : Copper/ Stainless steel
  • Size refer to picture.

Material : Copper/ Stainless steel, size is indicated in the picture. Nozzle pliers and needle-nosed pliers are not included, you may get them from hardware store.

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